Hearts & Hands

Hearts & Hands encompasses all the ways we, at L’Arche Antigonish, use art to build community, promote, and discover our creative potential, while inviting others in the wider community to do this with us.

 It is a name and brand that articulates the way that we celebrate the creative expression of our core members, assistants, day programs, homes, volunteers, families, and broader community. Every creative expression is welcomed and valued in Hearts & Hands, and it is a space that allows all of us to feel free in our creative expression.

At Hearts & Hands, we do visual arts and crafts, performance art, and community outreach, both individually and collaboratively. We engage in our broader community by participating in artistic events, selling our art, and building relationships of mutuality with local artists. Hearts & Hands is also the connectivity we feel to each other when expressing ourselves, and the mutual transformation that occurs as people create and share with one another. Hearts & Hands provides an avenue for us to express our voice, vision and truth, and we invite others to join us!

What is Hearts & Hands?